Lived Experience as a Professional Pathway
AnnMarie and Marion share their stories during the October 2023 Power of Connection Gala.

Meet AnnMarie and Marion: shining examples of resilience and the transformative power of peer support! At MHA, we believe in empowering individuals with behavioral health conditions to make choices about their living, working and social environments, and that making their own choices will speed recovery. During our recent Power of Connection Gala, AnnMarie and Marion spoke about how peer support and employment services have paved the way for their success.

AnnMarie, now MHA’s Peer Specialist Training Coordinator, reflects on her journey: "MHA’s Peer Training program gave me back my life. I am honored to give back and show others that there is hope and support available." Marion, soon-to-be graduate of our Peer Specialist Training program, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the validation and sense of purpose found in peer support: "This isn’t just some random job – it validates me. I want to give back and let people know they are not alone – I understand, and I've lived it too!"

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