MHA Awarded Mother Cabrini Grant to Expand Clinic Services in Rockland County

TARRYTOWN, NY (2020)—The Mental Health Association of Westchester has been awarded a generous grant of $108,696 from Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to expand mental health clinical services to Rockland County. The award, part of a $150 million initiative to improve health services around New York State, is one of the many grants issued this year. With these funds, the expansion of services aims to increase access and improve the quality of mental health care to support Hudson Valley’s most vulnerable populations.  

This substantial grant will help MHA alleviate delays at Rockland clinics and has strong potential to reduce waitlists for children, adolescents, and adults waiting to receive treatment. As a result, care providers will be able to see more individuals, including children as young as three years old. This large investment, aimed at improving the time it takes to meet with a mental health provider, will have a positive impact on providing quality services and meeting clients’ needs as they arise. Timely access to primary mental health care will ameliorate health outcomes, providing an effective and efficient healthcare system without compromising patient satisfaction. 

“We are committed to ensuring that mental health care is accessible to all,” said MHA Chief Executive Officer Charlotte Östman, LCSW-R. “The funding provided by this grant supports our efforts to remove barriers to care – including where and how individuals can receive treatment. The immediate effects of this grant will be evidenced by a decrease in waiting time at our clinics, better health outcomes, and expanded community outreach.”

Additionally, as MHA continues to enhance its care delivery model by increasing accessibility and improving services, this grant will also help to fund an innovative mobile services program to target disparities in health. Integrating mobile mental health will enable participants to become more engaged with their recovery, providing them with expanded access to resources and care providers, without having to leave their environments. Technological advancements will therefore support MHA’s person-centered delivery of care while overcoming traditional barriers to health care utilization.  


For more than 70 years, The Mental Health Association of Westchester has promoted mental health in Westchester through advocacy, community education and direct services. MHA offers a range of services that are recovery-oriented, trauma-informed and individualized to promote recovery and wellness. To learn more, visit


Shannon Catauro