MHA Celebrates Black History Month
Black background with green, red, and yellow stripe at bottom of the screen. In text, reads: Black History Month. Has the MHA Westchester logo in white above.

Join us in celebrating Black History Month! The theme for 2024, "African Americans and the Arts," explores the rich history and life experiences of African American artisans as well as the importance of art in Black empowerment, community connections, and historical preservation.

As part of MHA's February celebration, we're highlighting the impactful contributions of Black leaders in #mentalhealth, past and present. The figures we are highlighting include individuals who have been pivotal in advancing access to care for black communities and shaping critical theories that align with MHA’s commitment to equity, anti-racism, and culturally competent advocacy, community education, and direct services. To follow along throughout the month, join us on our Instagram (@mhawestchester), Facebook (The Mental Health Association of Westchester), and LinkedIn (The Mental Health Association of Westchester).

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