The Power of Anxiety: How Practice Makes Purpose with Melissa Bernstein
Melissa Bernstein

We were joined by Melissa Bernstein, founder of beloved toy company Melissa and Doug for a virtual community conversation, The Power of Anxiety: How Practice Makes Purpose. From building a billion-dollar company and raising six children, Melissa's public path has been marked by success. However, for as long as she can remember, harmful inner voices and feelings of hopelessness had been part of her life. After seeking help at the age of 50 for depression and anxiety, Melissa developed a set of powerful practices to support meaning. Today, she shares these practices, resources and tools through LifeLines, an online ecosystem she and Doug underwrite to facilitate individuals creating their own lifelines.

Watch as Melissa and moderator and MHA Board Member Jeanette L. Fairhurst explore this journey and key takeaways of developing our own practices to support meaning and purpose.