THRIVE with MHA this Mental Health Month

Learn how to THRIVE with MHA by integrating these tools into your daily life. At MHA, we share effective strategies to help individuals thrive during challenging situations. Now more than ever, we believe that these simple tools can have a powerful impact on your emotional wellness and help you build resilience going forward.

We've created an acronym to help you remember the tools to THRIVE:

Take care of yourself

   Take Care of Yourself

   Whether that means creating a daily routine that’s right for you or setting aside
   time to engage in relaxing activities, taking care of yourself should be a priority.



Help others

   Help Others

   You can be a powerful force in helping others during challenging moments.
   Being an active listener and recognizing when a loved one needs further
   assistance can make a huge impact in their life.



   Build Resilience

   Adapting to life-changing situations can help you grow stronger than ever. By
   looking for opportunity during tough times and engaging in activities that bring
   meaning to your life, you can gain the strength to overcome.


Interact with others

   Interact with Others

   Whether it's the quick conversation at the grocery store or deeper connections
   with friends and family, interacting with others is vital to well-being. While we
   may not be physically close during this time, social closeness continues to be



   Recognize and Prioritize Values

   Recognizing the people, things and activities that bring value to your life and
   prioritizing them is essential to mental health and overall happiness.


Embrace your emotions

   Embrace Your Emotions

   Be kind to yourself. Right now, emotions may be intense and changing. Some
   people find journaling, drawing and conversation helpful. What works for you?